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Saturday, May 25, 2013

#SeussSaturdays - A weekly celebration of Dr. Seuss' sheer genius!

As a book nut I simply cannot get enough of the tongue twisty, wacky wisdom that is delivered in my favorite Dr. Seuss quotes! Apparently neither can my readers - my collection of Seuss sayings is by far the most popular MommyMorphosis post worldwide. 

Working on my son's Dr. Seuss themed Kindergarten graduation has been my latest reminder of the prolific children's author's sheer genius. Dr. Seuss offers a refreshing perspective on more than colorful fish and mischievous  chapeau-sporting felines. If you carefully read any of his many classics you'll find just the gem you need to understand love, wanderlust, ambition, adventure, friendship, disappointment or any other chapter of life.

Today I'm launching a social media campaign to commemorate the brilliance and beauty of Dr. Seuss' work. #SeussSaturdays honors the profound life lessons Seuss presented as fun sized nuggets easy for kids to digest, yet hearty enough for those who are only young at heart. 

Look for my #SeussSaturdays hashtag on the MommyMorphosis Facebook page, also on Twitter at @ShoMommy and Instagram by following @MommyMorphosis 

*For grown-up fun play the same game with Dr. Seuss quotes as you do with Chinese Fortune cookies. Adding "in bed" to the end will definitely make you giggle!

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