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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Open Letter to Michael

Dear Michael Joseph Jackson,

When I heard of your transition I was SPEECHLESS. I wanted to CRY, but as I REMEMBER THE TIMES I spent enjoying your incredible music, videos and groundbreaking performances all I could do was SMILE. Your gifts came as naturally to you as the ABC's.As the world mourns you I hope you will rest in peace knowing that JUST A LITLE BIT OF YOU will live on in all of us. It didn't matter who was listening
BLACK OR WHITE, a LIBERIAN GIRL or LITTLE DRUMMER BOY, you made us COME TOGETHER and SCREAM! Literally billions of people forgot their BUTTERFLIES, ventured OFF THE WALL to GET ON THE FLOOR. Every P.Y.T , HEARTBREAKER and SMOOTH CRIMINAL turns into a DANCING MACHINE when ROCK WITH YOU, THRILLER, JAM or any of your countless melodies blasts from the speakers. Fans from the farthest corners of the EARTH have partied until the

Critics can SAY SAY SAY what they want about the man you were, but I JUST CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU. The MAN IN THE MIRROR was the ultimate humanitarian. I guess it's just HUMAN NATURE that such a genius would want his PRIVACY. The leeches didn't understand your plea "LEAVE ME ALONE!" All you ever wanted to do was HEAL THE WORLD. GONE TOO SOON.
CAN YOU FEEL it? All this time Mike was writing HIStory. He was and always will be the baddest of the BAD, INVINCIBLE. NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE. IT BEGINS AND ENDS WITH LOVE.