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Friday, November 4, 2011

10 Reasons We LOVE Babies!

10. Teensy weensy baby tootsies! Ten delicious digits prime for tickling and munching!

9. The outfits! Ruffle bottoms bloomers and sailor suits, dressing up your living doll is so much fun.

8. This is for the nursing Moms. Don't you love that little hand that caresses your cheek, plays with your hair or fiddles with your necklace while you're feeding them?

7. They smell so good! Even when they're a little stinky and sticky...

6. After a lullabye the way they fall asleep on your chest. I love when I lift my baby up and kiss her cheek, it's so soft and warm.

5. Adorable unpredictable outbursts! Your baby has very little tact, but sometimes their unexpected shrieks or spit bubbles come at the most hilarious time.

4. The way they stare. Babies look at you with loving eyes and view the world with a wondering innocence. We can't help but stare back and see hope.

3. Because they look even more adorable when they're a little pudgy! Chunky thighs and chubby cheeks are an irresistible combination.

2. Baby laughter induces smiles instantly. Their peels of laughter are usually accompanied with squeals of joy, a snort if you're lucky and end with a sigh that says "Whew! That was funny!"

1. The way they bring your family together. Even the tightest clans seem even closer after a new baby is born, love just overflows. Finally you understand exactly where your parents have been coming from all these years.