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Friday, February 1, 2008

Welcome to Mommy-Morphosis!

Hey Everybody! Welcome to my very first blog, Mommy-Morphosis. I'm buckleing down and releasing the ideas, anecdotes and dilemmas that swirl around in my head out into literary cyberspace. I will focus on the change of lifestyle I'm experiencing right now. No longer living for the instant gratification of myself, giving into my own whims and self-indulgence, I am a Mom now. It's been an incredible journey to self discovery and I hope to share my insights with you my friends, family and guests.
Two years ago my life was full of cool work (I complained about), friends (I probably didn't appreciate enough), fun (I took for granted) and nights on the town (I was growing tired of). Even a little romance (I have a walking, talking reminder of). In life we all face transitions and defining moments. Motherhood has by far been my biggest feat. The rewards are fantastic and challenges are many. We could all learn a thing or two about will power from my 11-month old! Now, my days are full of finger puppets, silly sing-a-longs and toothless grins. It's pretty awesome, I'm blessed with a beautiful baby boy and supportive family. . . but there are highs and lows. How do I balance my new responsibilites and hold on to the best parts of footloose and fancy free me? How can I strike a cord between being future-oriented and still live joyously in the moment? Creating an identity that makes being a Mom the priority but not the absolute is my mission. This is the path I'm walking, and I propose I'm not alone.

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