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Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Motiviational Mother's Day Message

The Mommy-Morphosis mission is to celebrate motherhood 24/7/365.
For all the love, wisdom and effort it takes to raise children, we surely deserve it.
On this day especially, you "better recognize"! (In the words of my own Mommy)

I haven't blogged in a while and actually planned on skipping an obligatory post today, but the message I received at Sunday service was too good to keep to myself. The powerful, hilarious motivational speaker Les Brown electrified the congregation with his tribute to 'life's greatest treasures" - Mothers. "Mammy Brown's baby boy" often details how blessed he was to be adopted by a truly incredible woman. Despite her son being mistakenly labeled as "educably mentally retarded", Ms. Brown spoke greatness into his life with faith, love and determination.

Here's a brief recap of his message, with a little ShoMommy embellishment:
M - Mental resiliency
Motherhood isn't all roses and chocolate. It can be a tough, dirty job that requires us to be strong and brave. There are times when Moms must make a way where there's none. We face our fears and shed our tears, but always find a way to do what's best for our families.
O - Open your heart
More than ever a mother's love can be used to combat our culture of rudeness and insensitivity. Be kind because you can. It will make your children better people.
T - Take care of things that matter
Mother's help us learn what's really important in life. Let's remember (and teach) that success isn't only material. Relationships that we've built and memories we've created will carry us through the difficulties we will inevitably face. 
H - Hold a place for hope in your heart.
Hold your head high, always! Mother's help us see the light inside when everything looks dim. When life gets hard and we're disappointed or heartbroken, Mom's unconditional love reminds us that the best is yet to come.
E - Enjoy yourself!
Live, love and laugh! It's the best medicine. Have fun with your children, don't take things so seriously. Joy is invaluable to our lives; share it with those who matter most.
R - Remember what's important and forget what's not.
"Forgiveness is remembering without anger." Let go, or be dragged. Not every mother has been there when their children needed- some by choice, others by circumstance.  It's never too late to make peace, and if nothing else, give thanks for the gift of life. 

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms, Godmothers, Grandmothers, Stepmoms
and Mother figures!

I pray you feel appreciated for all that you do daily. Please take a moment to be grateful for the opportunity you have to impact the world. The wisdom, strength and encouragement you pour into the children you love will eventually overflow into our collective future.

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