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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

5 Reasons to Chaperone Your Child's Next Field Trip

Nothing beats a field trip. I know we get busy with work, projects and other responsibilities, but actually seeing your child apply what they're learning in school is amazing. Life's most important tests take place outside of the classroom! See if you agree with my 5 reasons to hop on the school bus with your kid and their buddies.

5. Learn Something!

Did you know Pluto was now a star not a planet? Yup, me neither until my 4 year-old schooled me. Hubby and I tried to teach him "My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas". He looked at us like we were crazy. True story. Don't even get me started on the new math... Taking part in field trips that support school curriculum keeps you in the scholastic loop. You have an opportunity to learn on your child's level, acquire some information for further discussion at home and make it fun!

4. Meet The Parents
Pick up, drop off, crazy birthday parties. Most of us get to know our school parent peers by their cars or kids' names. We do it all the time, "Tyra's Mom, you know, they drive the red Honda." You'd be amazed how easy it is to talk to fellow Moms or Dads after a few boisterous rounds of Wheels on the Bus. No business suits, no bluetooths just bonding over a semi-gross turkey sandwich in a museum cafeteria. Give it a go and see your play date network expand before your eyes.

3. Spy on the Teachers
There's no better time or place to find out what someone's made of than to take them out of their comfort zone, put them under a microscope and into organized chaos. How do the teachers' talk to the kids under stress? Are they phony in front of the parents and administrators? Is the trip organized or utter mayhem? You can learn who's the boss with a little observation.

2. See Your Kid at Work & Play

All children come home with anecdotes about their favorite buddies. The have the days they can't stop talking about how funny their friends are, or who always has the best show and tell. Sometimes getting them to recount what they've learned isn't so easy. Tagging along on a field trip is a great way to see how what's being taught in class is sinking in. It also provides insight into your little one's growing personality. Is your quiet kiddo, really a class cutup? Do they need a little push to assert themselves in large groups? How well do they interact with older kids? You might be surprised by unexpected displays of brilliance. During a trip to the Adler Planetarium my son looked at me and said, "Earth is the birthplace of the human race." I almost hit the floor, my boy's a philosopher! After some research I found out he was quoting one of Optimus Prime's lines from Transformers 2, but still ... pretty profound!

1. Be Their Favorite... at least for the day
I'm not sure about older children, but my preschooler would have me come to class with him everyday if I could. I'd have a cot, cubby, the works. Of course that will never happen so this is the next best thing. Nothing gets you cool points quicker than chaperoning a field trip. Imagine their joy. Riding a bus to a fun new place with their best friends, fave teachers and YOU! Interactive lessons, laughter and love - what could be better :-) Take full advantage of these days where they actually want you around (and enjoy holding your hand). Relish it! They'll be preteens asking you to drop them two blocks from school before you know it.


Lady MgAnthony said...

That was a good blog. I'm definitely looking forward to doing that this go round. I was the "too busy" parent you mentioned with my "big baby."

And yes I knew Pluto was no longer a planet. It was really big news cuz :-).

BTW what happened to the product review idea? I think that would be great. I think you need to do more than one blog per month :-0!

ORR007 said...

Do you know how excited this makes me?! CAN'T WAIT!!