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Friday, September 30, 2011

Digital Distractions

Am I the only one whose smart phone is always chirping, buzzing, ringing or chiming? Technology is a constant in our daily lives, whether we work in or out of our homes. We're busy tweeting, chatting, skyping, checking in, etc. Social media sites, synced calendars and online games keeps us just a few keystrokes away from connecting to friends, colleagues and extended family. Kindles, IPads, notebooks, etc... We can instantly access people and information from across the globe, but are all of our cool devices effecting how we relate and ultimately bond with our children? We've talked about digital divide, but what about the phenomenon of digital distraction?

I've seen it and I've done it. Checking Facebook on your cell at the park instead of playing with the kids. Keeping your toddler busy with Angry Birds or Talking Tom on a high tech tablet. Even texting while driving with a Baby On Board magnet on your SUV. #SorryOprah:-( As I write this post my baby is squirming on my lap. Are these trends a sign of the times or a compulsion spreading through our society? None of us are perfect people or parents. We do the best we can, but in order to be at minimum a "good enough" parent we must be present and aware. All of our online "friends" can wait. At times we're more plugged into what's going on in cyberspace, thanks to the worldwide web, than we are to what's happening in our families. I know these high tech advances that are often super cool and convenient. But, I've realized I needed to unplug a bit. So today put the gadgets down and have hands free contact with you kids. #RightAfterYouCommentLikeAndShareThisPost ;-)


Lady MgAnthony said...

Exactly! Responding via iPad by the way. Howevr, baby is bedded down for the night. We all could use a "fast" from technology for our own spiritual & emotional well being, whether we're parents or not.

Let's challenge ourselves. Start with a few hours and then one day, etc. Here's to getting back to the good old days of face to face time..

skip.davis said...

Amen !!
We need more Face To Face,
Talking, Hugging,and LOVING.
GOD will never turn HIS face
from us.
Great Topic My SweetHesrt.

ORR007 said...

I wholeheartedly agree...especially considering I just nursed while cleaning out my in box (900+ messages)...I prided myself on multitasking, but now it seems rather ridiculous. Thanks for putting this in perspective!