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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Second Time Around

As I write this post I am about 33 weeks pregnant with my second child... a girl! My almost 4 year old is super excited about being big brother. My husband and our families are thrilled. Together we're embarking on uncharted territory; the second pregnancy.

In my single, child free life I cooed over babies. I thought about what it'd be like to carry my own little bundle of joy - in my arms and my belly. When we found out I was expecting my son, life as I knew it changed in an instant. Priorities shifted, plans changed and I had 9 months to prepare for motherhood.

If I had any question before, the months of maternity proved to me that God knows exactly what he's doing. I needed every bit of that time to read the books, revamp my diet, take classes, prepare for changing relationships and baby-proof the house, any and everything in order to physically, mentally and emotionally adapt for life with a baby. So much of the 9 (really 10) months were spent preparing myself for the unknown and I veraciously did all that I could to be "ready". What a 42 hour labor and 4 years as a parent have taught me is that the unexpected is an everyday occurrence. Now I feel good about the nuts and bolts; I no longer have to guess how I'll survive nights with a newborn, or how often to feed, change and burp a little one. There isn't much of a need to seek advice on potty training and question whether time outs are really effective, I know first hand. This personal, practical experience has caused me to do something I'm sure a lot of Moms do the second time around - RELAX!

I've eaten a little more of what I've craved and attended far fewer prenatal classes. I don't have a laundry list of questions for my Oby/Gn each month. I'm taking care of myself, but taking it all in stride. Of course, each pregnancy is it's own unique experience. Expecting this time has been much different than when I was carrying Nigel, but my anxiety level is down dramatically. This time around the 9months are taking forever to pass. I just want to hurry up and get to the "good part", meeting my baby girl! I want to fast forward to week 40. Before I felt like I NEEDED every moment before the birth of my son.

With only 7 weeks to go a few nerves are setting in. I'm pulling typical sophomore behavior, not studying soooo hard and taking a "cramming for finals" approach. Reviews of what to expect months 1 - 8 have gotten little attention, but the labor and delivery chapters are being poured over! Things went smoothly the first go round, so I'm recycling the birth plan.

It's not at all that I'm lax or nonchalant. Simply put, I spend more time wondering about the details of my baby girl and our growing family - not my pregnancy. I daydream about what her face will look like. Will she look like her brother? How will I perfectly divide my heart between 2 munchkins? Will she be prissy or a tomboy? How will we balance two busy kiddy schedules? What if Nigel has a soccer game that conflicts with her ballet recital? I have so many questions, most of which I can't rely on my maternity books to resolve for me. I'll just have to wait and see how it all comes together. I'll give glory along the way and promise to keep everyone posted as I uncover the answers.


Ms. Epiphany said...

She does ballet! =)

Ashiya Swan said...

Thanks for sharing your journey to HauteMommy: Part Deux. You share a...refreshing view of preparing for parenthood. I'm preparing my mind for the first time around in a few years and I appreciate you for sharing that you learned to "RELAX" and enjoy the perfection of the blessing. All else will fall into place. I hope to meet your "munckins" someday soon. Nigel is beautiful and obviously a joy. Baby Girl will surely share the same traits. You've done well the first time around. Congrats, again!

~*~RBG~*~ said...

Loved the read!

skip.davis said...

Experience is the Best Teacher.
The longer you live the more you understand that to be True.
Trust GOD and continue to give HIM
Your insight and expression is beautiful and yes my Grand Daughter
is Beautiful also.(like her MaMa)
Love Always....Dad.