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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I woke up Sunday to a great Mother's Day breakfast and beautiful cards. I am thankful to have a wonderful man who loves me as a strong woman and appreciates me as a Mother to his son. My baby is too little to understand the significance of this day. But I'm sure that he knows we have an incredible relationship. We have a special love thang that began before his heart beat for the first time and before he took his first breath. Motherhood is a flood of emotion that is almost impossible to explain. I try but I know I could never adeqeutly describe the experiences I've had so far. Becoming a Mommy myself has created an understanding and appreciation of my own mother. I am so thankful for her love and care and regret that I ever put her through unneccesary worry or concern. With the help of her Mother (now Nigel's GG) I was nurtured and cared for by women who's strength is beyond measure. They have been the two pillars in my life sharing stories of their triumphs and trials. They've encouraged me to mirror their successes and learn from their poorer judgements. Building on the values they have instilled I have had my own life experiences and will raise my son to beat my best and be wiser than my worst.

The message at church Sunday really spoke to my heart. We were reminded of the contributions of women who are mothers in spirit and in their committment to children in need. Many lives have been changed by the love of foster and adoptive mothers. There are also mothers who may have no biological children but who bring forth new life through their minds, hearts and souls. They create movements, theories and philosophies. These women lead others to avenues in life they could not have imagined otherwise. Women with unique vision, magnetism and guidance are shepards for equality and ingenuity that have children a thousand times over.

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